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Where are the most current Bonefish world records held on fly??  Oh yea! In the Florida Keys!  Again the Keys has it going on.  Bonefish round off the top 3 sought after saltwater game fish in the Flyfishing world.  The Keys has it all.  As far as large Bones go, the Keys again have the edge.  Our average size Bone is 6-8 pounds.  Upper Keys Bones are often caught in excess of 12 pounds and up!  These fish come on the flats, sometimes in inches of water with there tails spiking into the air while they root up crabs and shrimp from the grass and mud.  Once hooked, these torpedoes can melt your drag system, and make your Fly reel beg for mercy!  Your hand will also get a work out when you have to reel in 100 – 200 yards of Backing within the 1st 15 seconds of hooking one of these gagers!